Welcome to the site of brainsound, the practice for neurofeedback training and psychosocial counseling.

Neurofeedback is a way to train the brain to improve balance. More balance in the brain means more balance in life. On this site you can find more information about neurofeedback and how brainsound can help you.

The brainsound pratice uses the NeurOptimal™ neurofeedback system. This system makes an accurate analysis of the brain waves, enabling a safe and comfortable training of the brain. For more information about the NeurOptimal™ system, please click here >>

Neurofeedback training is suitable for children and adults. People using neurofeedback have experienced relief from a vast array of psychological, emotional and medical conditions, along with considerable personal and spiritual growth. Neurofeedback is also widely used by people who want to increase physical and mental performance, such as athletes, sportspeople, businesspeople, musicians, performers and students.

Neurofeedback is good for everyone in search of:

    • inner peace
    • better concentration
    • emotional balance
    • more confidence
    • increased self-control
    • improved self esteem
    • enhanced wellbeing
    • better health
    • more joy in life

Training session
During a neurofeedback training session, people wear two tiny sensors on their head and ear clips on both ears. These sensors record the brain waves. They sit in a comfortable chair and listen to music while watching a never-repeating fractal image or a movie. The music and images respond to the brain waves, as unproductive brain patterns create brief interruptions in the music or visual display. These interruptions signal the brain to self-correct into a more natural, relaxed and effective pattern. After a 30 minute session most people feel refreshed, relaxed and in a higher state of mental consciousness.

The average neurofeedback training consists of 15 sessions to obtain a good and stable foundation for a better balance. 

Neurofeedback is very effective and can lead to good results, concerning:

    • memory problems
    • difficulty paying attention
    • overactivity
    • dyslexia
    • addictions
    • irritability
    • feeling anxious
    • depression
    • diffculty sleeping
    • head aches
    • feeling low or sad
    • feeling stressed and overwhelmed

Encounter > free
Intake and first session: 1,5 hours > € 85,00
Regular sessions: 1 hour > € 70,00

The brainsound practice is affiliated with the NFG and the NVNF. This means that consultations are covered by most medical insurances. For more information, please contact your medical insurance.

The driving force behind brainsound is Anke Bosman, a qualified social worker and certified NeurOptimal™ trainer. She is a dedicated professional with a lot of experience in the field of psychosocial counseling.

If you wish to obtain more information about neurofeedback or if you want to make an appointment, please call +31619312236 or email info@brainsound.nl or fill out the form on the contact page. On this page you will also be able to find all other relevant details.